About Us

Our new Tustin facility Tustin Physical Therapy Specialists features the best of what we have accomplished in Huntington Beach and integrates new sports based equipment to provide a unique rehabilitation platform in a medical center setting. Our integration with Hoag and their strategic vision for innovative healthcare is a natural fit and one that has worked well in our Huntington Beach office- this has allowed us to collaborate more effectively with our referring physicians and provide more clarity and open communication that ultimately benefits all of our patients.

Our therapists maintain our high standard of evidenced based practice to ensure our patients receive the most beneficial treatment that is backed by research to ensure its effectiveness. We need to remain innovative in this sense because insurance companies demand more results with fewer treatments and this is the way to accomplish this task of getting the patient’s better faster. All of our therapists are experienced and continue their learning through annual continuing education training to ensure their knowledge is up to date and their treatment’s remain cutting edge and evidenced based. Patient centered treatment is a cornerstone of our practice and we pride ourselves on ensuring more one on one time with our patient’s compared to most other clinics. What patients say about us matters, which is why we pride ourselves on positive word of mouth referrals and excellent online reviews. We adapt each patient’s treatment plan to achieve their personal goals as part of their rehabilitation.

Additionally, we will carry over our office efficiency through flexible scheduling, complimentary appointment reminders, and timely billing. We understand that front office efficiency is vital to a successful practice and Tustin Physical Therapy Specialists will be no different. The right equipment is essential in any profession, which is why we have designed this new space from the ground up; to ensure its efficiency and ability to implement new equipment and features such as a sprint track with agility space, a golf simulator with impact screen, and a TRX suspension system to allow full use of exercise options and body mechanics evaluation and training. We are proud of this space and what this will mean for our patients. Welcome to TPTS!