Carina Huynh, PT, DPT

Carina’s journey into the world of physical therapy originated from her tennis injuries. It was this personal encounter with physical therapy that not only mended her own tennis-related injury but sparked a profound desire to extend a helping hand to others facing similar challenges. Driven by empathy and a deep sense of connection to those navigating the path to recovery, Carina embarked on a journey of exploration and learning. As she delved into the intricacies of human movement, she found herself captivated by the body’s resilience and potential for healing.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from California State University, Northridge. With a solid academic foundation, Carina has devoted her professional journey to the holistic treatment of diverse orthopedic conditions. She is committed to empowering patients to achieve their individual goals and embodies a patient-centered approach that fosters a collaborative and supportive atmosphere during the rehabilitation process. She is currently working on an advanced specialty board certification to become a Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Beyond her professional pursuits, Carina is a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers, showcasing her passion for sports and local teams. In her leisure time, she engages in a diverse array of activities, including cooking, exploring new restaurants, playing the guitar, and staying active through sports like tennis and pickleball.

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