Karis Wong, DPT

“I believe in truly listening to my patients and establishing meaningful connections so we can act as a team and work towards improving their quality of life. I view each patient as an individual and will adapt to meet their personal needs. I constantly reassess each patient throughout their treatment and adjust accordingly to each patient’s changes in presentation. I know firsthand the impact a skilled and thorough physical therapist can have and I strive to be that physical therapist for my patients. I am honored and grateful to have a vital role in providing my patients with tools to empower them to achieve their goals.”

Dr. Karis Wong was first drawn to physical therapy because it allowed her to combine her love of the intricacies of human movement and problem solving with her passion for teaching. She enjoys her role in educating each patient about how physical therapy can optimize movement to help them reach their goals.

Karis acquired her BA in Sociology from University of California, Irvine, which provided a unique perspective on society and human relationships. She then earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University, where she gained valuable experience with individuals with neurological, balance, and coordination impairments. During her graduate education, she also assisted in research on the impacts of mobile device use on posture, breathing, and pain. She was hand-selected by Chapman faculty to receive the award for Outstanding Performance for all-around excellence in service, research, and academics. She also graduated with an award for Academic Excellence and was inducted into the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy National Student Honors Society.

Karis’ doctoral education ignited a passion for both orthopedic PT and pelvic health PT. While working in the orthopedic setting, she has treated patients with a variety of conditions, of all ages, and of diverse backgrounds. She has worked with athletes, patients with neurological conditions requiring balance and vestibular rehabilitation, patients with systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and advised on best ergonomic practices in the workplace. During her clinical rotation in pelvic health PT, she refined her ability to thoroughly assess and develop individualized treatments for each patient with pelvic dysfunction. She gained experience working with individuals with urinary and fecal incontinence, male and female pelvic pain, pain during pregnancy, postpartum pelvic dysfunction, as well as pre- and post- prostatectomy.

Karis recognizes the immense impact pelvic health can have on her patients’ lives. She hopes to eradicate any shame or stigma attached to seeking help for pelvic dysfunction so her patients feel comfortable with receiving care and confident in our shared mission of helping them reach their goals. Karis is a proponent for pelvic health and is driven to share her knowledge with fellow healthcare professionals. She has presented to students and faculty in the university setting, as well as to physical therapists in the professional setting regarding the importance of pelvic physical therapy.

As a patient, Karis has experienced being dismissed by numerous healthcare professionals. When she finally found a physical therapist who was willing to truly listen to her and dig deeper into her case, it made a significant impact on her life and her perspective on physical therapy as a potential avenue for life changing quality of life improvement. This experience has prepared her to be a passionate PT who advocates for her patients.

Karis is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and California Physical Therapy Association. Participating in these organizations helps Karis stay up to date with the latest research in the field and enables her to remain committed to evidence-based practice and patient-centered treatment to provide the best care for patients.

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